Amrita Baines

Author | Screenwriter

Amrita is a British Indian writer based in London. She previously served as a police officer before transitioning to film and television writing.

Raised in a diverse community among a variety of perspectives, Amrita is skilled at using culture and tradition to create comedy and drama that shines through her work. She is also attracted to historical stories that have been forgotten.




Inspired by a true story.

When a Chinese man and an Indian woman plan to get married, they struggle to deal with the cultural prejudices driven by their families who will stop at nothing to break them up.

Paper Heroes

Based on a true story

Imagine being a law-abiding citizen 99% of the time. Then you join the police force and all you want to do is break the law in many ways as you can get away with.

The Black King of India

Historical Drama

A military slave defies the Mughal empire and asserts himself as King.

Dracula Spectacular

Children's Book

The story highlights the issue of bullying in a way that children can understand through a sense of adventure and friendship.


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