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Family Comedy

Imagine two families from completely different perspectives who don't want to be associated and then they are forced to become relatives.

It’s personal. It’s political.

It’s a Chinese Indian war of egos on British soil.

Because Love has no Borders.


The Black King of India

Action, Drama, History

Malik Ambar was born with the name ‘Chapu’ in the Harare region of the Christian Abyssinian Empire, presently known as Ethiopia. At the age of twelve during a village raid, he was captured by slave catchers and he probably didn’t expect to make history on the shores of distant India.

By the turn of the seventeenth century, he commanded a mercenary army, married his daughter into royalty and became the De Facto leader of the Ahmednagar Sultanate. But he would soon find himself defending his adopted home against invasion, locked in a long and bloody conflict with the growing power of the Mughal Empire in the North.  Malik Ambar was the most celebrated of the powerful Ethiopian leaders in India.  

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Paper Heroes

TV series: Drama/Comedy

A police officer in her probation is served with a misconduct proceeding by a radical Sergeant when she fails to jump over

a six-foot wall.

After challenging his anarchic methods of policing, she fights

to remain in service when he threatens to have her expelled.


Dracula Spectacular

Children's book

Dracula Spectacular Lost His Magic Tooth is a story about a friendly vampire who is afraid of a bully called Snivel.  He must goes on a journey with his best friend Ugo, in search of his lost tooth which they must find before his power is lost forever. 

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